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Name: Jonah Constantine

Alias: Jo, Jojo, Jonesy, Jonecifer, Chickie-poo (but that only flies if she really likes you)

Gender: Female

Species: Vampire

Age: 150 (Appears: 26)

Appearance: You could describe Jonah as someone easily missed. Striking blue eyes, powder-white skin, and a thin frame. It not that she isn't pretty, it just the fact that she can slip in and out before someone notices her. She isn't too overtly pretty, just pretty enough to get what she wants. Sharp cheekbones, a pointed nose, and pearl-pink lips that could lead you somewhere devious. Plus, she has those long, scholarly kind of fingers that show her age whenever she skimming through a book. If you see her walking down the street, she's usually the broad walking in a full Armani suit.

Bloodline: Psychic

Rank/Occupation: Apprentice. Officially, she's a private consultant. She takes care of things you don't see. Hence, why most don't see her. In Vampire society, she avoids all that shit like the sun. She only gets called in when someone wants someone or something found. Otherwise, don't ask her about politics.

Affinities: Telekinesis

Weapons: She has strapped to her arm a wired ball that she uses to incapacitate her foes. Otherwise, she uses small, razor-shar knifes hidden all over her body to either throw or directly engage someone. She rarely uses a gun. They're noisy, clumsy, and all too untrustworthy to get the job done.

Personality: She's generally someone easy to get along with. She has a bright smile and can move through balls as easily as scummy bars. She prefers the latter of course. Noble have always irked when their stuck-up personalities. She'd rather hang around the so-called scum because she believes their the ones who should be in power. She works hard to make others happy because she know how hard it to be happy. She takes pride in giving others those sort-of happily-ever-afters they've always wanted. She takes greater pleasure in breaking down those who don't deserve power, watching them tear themselves apart. She'd never admit that of course, because she believes no one would get it. In moments of true despair, she'll tear herself apart and fall to the ground. She may be funny and sweet, but she's still a murderer, a monster, and most of all, she's a rulebreaker.

Brief Bio: Grew up in Atlanta, born in a whorehouse (Yeah, she said it), and turned without a single word from her Sire. She woke up with that horrible, gut-wrenching, buuurrrning thirst. Her abusing owner was her first victim. She went about travelling. Versailles, Bethlehem, Nagasaki, Detroit. Been there done that. She's a historian, trying to figure out exactly where vampires come from. A friend of hers once said that if you slam a book shut, you're liable to break her nose.

Other: She does had a bit of a foulmouthed attitude towards her. She can be polite when the time suits her. She's developed a bad drinking habit as of late. She doesn't mind doing drugs either, finding them suitable to soothe the constant buzz in her mind.


Lavender Khan
United States
Just me

Current Residence: Georgia USA
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Small to Medium
Favourite genre of music: I enjoy many types of music but I mostly focus on Metal and Acoustic
Favourite photographer: Roland:)
Favourite style of art: Macabre
Operating System: a computer
MP3 player of choice: My iPod Touch
Wallpaper of choice: Anything interesting.
Skin of choice: I'm not racist dude.
Favourite cartoon character: Jack the Dead Bunny
Personal Quote: "Insatiable is the lust we hold for knowledge, as unquenchable as it is."


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